Fixed Fees

Most lawyers bill for services by the number of hours it takes to complete an assignment. This approach is sometimes counterproductive, in that it fosters a relationship where, on the one hand, a client is hesitant even to call the lawyer, and on the other, the lawyer is all too eager to spend just that extra minute to perfect the job. Clients don’t need over lawyering; they need timely, effective lawyering.

What I provide instead is work product delivered promptly and for a fair price. I do this by tapping my years of experience and office technology to leverage similar work that I’ve done for others just like you. There is no need for me to re-invent the wheel each project, nor is their any financial inducement for me to do so. Instead, we will agree at the outset of a project on the goals I will need to achieve, and the amount I will receive once I achieve them. If, at the end of the project, either of us is unhappy with the fee relative to the unforeseen problems or an unexpected outcome, we can agree on a fair adjustment. If we are unable to agree on an adjustment, we can agree to end our relationship. It’s that simple.

Exceptional Work

There are many fabulous lawyers around, so I don’t mean to suggest that your other possible choices don’t do high-quality work. But you need to understand that you will not sacrifice quality when you hire me.

To begin, I have the same training that the “big firm” lawyers have: not that long ago I was one of them. Moreover, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I have access to amazing resources today that was unavailable to me when I WAS a big firm lawyer. This combination of training and resources allows me to be completely comfortable when, as is frequently the case, I sit opposite in deals to lawyers who work for some of the largest and most well-known firms in the world. I might be outgunned once in a while, but I’m never out shined.

Personal Attention

When you hire me, you get me. When you call, I answer. When you write, I reply. I don’t have a staff of dozens doing your work, and I like it that way. When the need arises I may team up with lawyers and other advisors who, similar to me, “free lance” in their own speciality area. But at the end of the day when you are receiving my work product, you know it is mine and you know you’ll get answers from me when you call.

I realize there are those rare engagements where the needed manpower demands the services of the larger, international law firms. (If I’m engaged as your “private general counsel,” I’ll even help you retain and manage an appropriate firm for these larger engagements.) But the “smaller deals” and the ordinary day-to-day legal matters? Trust me, the partner you hire is not the one that will be doing your work, and he or she won’t have any answers for you when you have follow-up questions. But you’ll be expected to pay for the time it takes to get those answers anyway.

Results Oriented

I bring a creative and practical orientation to every engagement I undertake. Even though a solution may seem unconventional at first blush, what truly matters is if it works. Trust me, there are scores of successful entrepreneurs and business executives who have grown rich doing “what works” instead of worrying about what others do.