Our risk factor of the day is provided courtesy of a prospectus from LendingClub Corporation, which apparently overlooked a little matter of compliance with the securities laws when it first opened its business:

We face a contingent liability for potential securities law violations in respect of loans sold to our members from May 2007 until April 7, 2008. This contingent liability may impair our ability to operate our platform and service the member loans that correspond to the Notes.

Loans sold to members through our platform from our launch in May 2007 until April 7, 2008 may be viewed as involving an offering of securities that was not registered or qualified under federal or state securities laws. If the sale of these loans were viewed as an unregistered offering of securities, our members who hold these loans may be entitled to rescind their purchase and be paid their unpaid principal amount of the loans plus statutory interest. As of June 30, 2010, the aggregate principal balance of these loans purchased through our platform by purchasers not affiliated with LendingClub was $1.29 million. We have not recorded an accrued loss contingency in respect of this contingent liability, although we intend to continue to monitor the situation. Generally, the federal statute of limitations for noncompliance with the requirement to register securities under the Securities Act is one year from the violation. The statute of limitations periods under state securities laws may extend for a longer period of time, and certain state securities laws empower state officials to seek restitution or rescission remedies for purchasers of unregistered securities. We have received inquiries from a number of states in respect of these prior sales of loans; neither the SEC nor any state, however, has taken or threatened administrative action or litigation over such loan sales. If a significant number of our members sought rescission, if we were subject to a class action securities lawsuit or if we were subject to lawsuits or administrative actions by the SEC or states in respect of these loans, our ability to maintain our platform and service the member loans to which the Notes correspond may be adversely affected.

via LendingClub Prospectus.

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